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February 2014
DNA Syndication
An Ode to Women

December 2013
Office of Motion Picture and Television Development
December 2013 Filmmaker of the Month – Ellie Walton

April 2012
The Washington Post
Ellie Walton, documentary filmmaker and D.C. native, turns a wide lens on her city 

February 2012

July 2011
Documentary portrays criminally insane – through their own eyes

April 2011
ART (202)
The 26th Annual Mayor’s Arts Awards

January 2011
The Washington Post
Video diares reveal life for those committed to St. Elizabeths

October 2010
Love Driven Work Blog
Documentary Filmmaker and Educator, Ellie Walton

August 2010
Washington City Paper
Overstimulated: Federal Funds Mean Things are Moving Fast at Highland Dwellings

April 2010
Work Studies Blog
Review of Igual Que Tú

December 2008
The Huffington Post
AFRICOM: Why the Global Community Should Reject an Expansion of Military Might

July 2008
New Internationalist
Review of Chocolate City

January 2008
Graduate Journal of Social Science
Review of Chocolate City

January 31st, 2008
Washington Post Express
D.C. Locals’ Long Wait For Hope: ‘Chocolate City’

January 25th, 2008
Chocolate City Takes on Gentrification